creme eyeshadow

Lightweight and versatile, our creme shadows glide on effortlessly and last all day. The beautiful colors are uniquely sheer with light changing reflection. So easy and quick to use, just a swipe to look instantly polished.


Our Crème Eyeshadows natural, non-greasy, and long-wearing formula glides on smoothly leaving a gorgeous wash of iridescent sheen beautiful for all ages. This healthy blend of botanicals and minerals goes on easily and smoothly protecting the delicate eye area. Each versatile mineral color with a unique shimmering finish can be used alone, layered for more intensity or underneath our Eye Shadows. A uniquely designed sheerness and light changing reflectance gives a very wearable quality for day or night with any look you choose. Quick to apply and easy to blend, the swipe of a fingertip or crème brush gives an instant stunning finish without the time. NET WT .11OZ/3.3g

  • Healthy, long-wearing and lightweight formula leaves a beautiful shimmering sheen that flickers with the moving eye and changing light.
  • Nourishing botanicals, antioxidants, and beneficial minerals care for the delicate eye area.
  • Versatile mineral colors have finishes ranging from iridescent sheen to light-reflective metallic and can be layered underneath any of our eyeshadows used dry or wet for additional gorgeous looks.
  • Applies evenly and easily with no pull or drag and sets to a soft-velvety feel.
  • Non-greasy, water resistant formula stays put all day with minimal to no creasing. Our Complexion Perfection Veil works as a great primer and can be used in the crease after application for enhanced resistance.
  • All skin types with lids from dry to oily can wear our crèmes. See application for more tips on the perfect prep for you.
  • A must-have for those on the go. One swipe across the lids and you’re out the door looking perfectly polished.

  1. Gently apply in thin layers until you reach your desired color intensity. Thick layers take longer to dry which can cause the product to gather in the creases.
  2. Apply with a synthetic brush and/or fingertips. A synthetic brush like our Talkon gives you precision while the warmth of your fingertip blends the color more efficiently.
  3. For use under our eye shadows, apply crème and before it dries, apply any shadow or combination of shadows and/or blush dry or wet.

Tips for prepping:

  • Oily lids: Gently blot with a tissue. Apply our Complexion Perfection Veil (preferably Matte Mist) as a base. After your crème look is set, apply a small amount of Veil along the crease. The shadow end of our duo brush works well. If needed throughout the day, repeat use along the crease.
  • Dry lids: Any moisturizer or serum you have applied needs to fully absorb. To ensure, gently blot with a tissue, followed by a thin layer of Veil (preferably Ocean Mist).
  • For most lids we have found a thin base of Veil works best. Applying Veil along the crease of your finished look is something to experiment with. Generally, applying once after your finished look is a good idea.
The color and finish of each crème has buildable layering qualities from sheer to vibrant. Even with many layers they are never opaque and always very wearable for the day. In addition, lighting can change the look of the intensity and finish causing even more intrigue to your eyes. Below, each color is described with approximately 2 layers for a mid-range description.

Boont Ale Bronze: A medium intensity metallic finish accompanies the bronze base with just a hint of copper. The color is rich but the sheer quality of the crèmes makes it much more versatile for a diversity of skin tones. If you have blue eyes this color is MADE for you. The opposite color for blue on the color wheel is orange, so bronze is the ultimate to make your eyes pop. Don’t forget to experiment with your eye shadows. California blonde is one great choice of many for Boont ale Bronze.

Headlands Highlighter: This sheer champagne base has a beautiful pearly sheen and subtle sparkle. Many famous makeup artists agree that this hue and not too much sparkle is the best universal highlighter. Just a little on the inner corners and your eyes will look instantly open, awake, and bright. Don’t forget the browbones, which can make your eyes look larger, top of the cheekbones and more. All of the eye shadows love Headlands Highlighter as a base for luminous new looks.

Steelhead Silver: A true silver hue with a metallic finish. Cool skin tones look especially flattering in this shade. It brightens their eyes and complements their skin. Are you a cool? (Silver jewelry looks better than gold, white better than cream, blue veins, and pinkish skin undertones.) But don’t let us hold you back if you are warm or neutral, as this can be your color too. This is a really fun color to play with the eye shadows. Unexpected colors like fawn brown over it gives a beautiful taupe.

Point Arena Plum: This base leans more to a purple hue of plum. The finish has more sheen than sparkle. But in certain light smaller shimmery particles come alive giving this color a unique feeling of mystery. It’s one of our most flattering and wearable colors for all ages, skin types and tones. Using Eye Liner on your top lashes looks very nice with this shade. Also a great base for eye shadows, a favorite is Wild Iris, but the amount of colors and combinations is endless.

Golden Gateway: This is the gold that we did experiment after experiment to finally get the color right. We listened to our Facebook followers on their love of gold which helped us push on. We couldn’t be any more ecstatic to bring you this color. The base could technically be near sheer as the metallic, sparkly finish dominates. It is very multi-dimensional with the overall shade leaning a bit more yellow gold than brown gold. A difficult color to describe, but we must say that everyone who has tried it looks gorgeous in it. A side note to anyone with yellow flecks in their eyes – this color will amaze you. It goes beyond making your eyes pop.