Lightweight and versatile, our creme shadows glide on effortlessly and last all day. The beauEnhance your eyes with our gorgeous, crease-free and long-wearing mineral colors. These antioxidant-enriched shadows apply with outstanding smooth and even color-release, exceptional blendability and no messy fallout.


Velvety smooth and creamy, our 100% natural Mineral Eyeshadows are unique, healthy and antioxidant rich. These highly pigmented colors are specially formulated with a select mineral and botanical blend that gives an ultra-fine, cushiony texture for exceptional blendability, even color-release and ideal adherence with all day results. You get the precision of applying a pressed shadow with the cleanliness, versatility and contemporary beauty of a pure mineral color. From sheer to opaque, our stay-true brilliant shades can be used dry and wet, mixed and matched, and with our other MM products for endless custom color combinations. NET WT .04OZ/1.2g

  • We only use the highest standards of beneficial minerals and our specialized blend of organic botanicals, anti-oxidants and vitamin E for this unique, healthy and non-drying formula.
  • Ideal for women of all ages.
  • Easy to apply and blends like a dream with no dusty mess.
  • Unique 100% natural shadows, give smooth and even color release with ideal adherence to the eyelids.
  • Naturally long-lasting with water, crease, and transfer resistance.
  • Soft, gentle, with soothing ingredients for this sensitive, delicate area.
  • Your choice of intensity, from beautifully soft to dazzling vivid by the amount of layers you apply dry or wet.
  • Use alone, layered, dry, wet, mixed with other MM eye products for endless personalized looks.
To prep eyes: If you have used moisturizer, make sure it is completely absorbed or the minerals will grab unevenly. Apply a light dusting of veil to even the surface.

Dry use: Gently tap to dispense a small amount of product through sifter into container top. Dip brush* and work into bristles, gently tap to remove excess. Apply to lids. Add more thin layers to increase color intensity. Color is so easy to apply and blend, in a rush, dispense as above and apply with clean fingertip.

Wet use: To use wet or “foiled”, dispense as usual. 1. Use top to mix with your MendoTherapy Mist or water to create a paste. Apply with brush*. 2. Apply dispensed minerals with a wet/damp brush*. With both uses, experiment with mist/shadow ratio for your individual preference. For more intensity, let dry before each addition layer.

As Eye Liner: Use the wet technique for a more defined look and dry for a more subtle/smoky effect. Layer as above for increased intensity.

Use with other MM eye colors: All colors can be layered or mixed with other shadows, blush (uses as eyeshadow), and used beneath our crème eyeshadow to create limitless colors, depth and rich contrast.

*We suggest our Cruelty Free Pony Duo Shadow/Liner Brush for all applications.

Tip for brows: For brown brows with a warm undertone try Fawn Brown. To lighten and/or lessen the warmth, mix Fawn Brown with California Blonde Eye Shadow. Use dry (lighter color) with small brush strokes or damp for a deeper color/more dramatic look.

All colors can be used dry or wet. Used dry, all shades appear more matte than when used wet. More sheen, underlying shimmer and luster is brought out when used wet. Layer to increase intensity (dry and/or wet). Colors noted “shimmery”, do not have large sparkle particles; the shimmer is from fine natural micas which are much more subtle. Colors noted “semi-matte” generally have some visible shimmer but don’t apply looking shimmery; used wet the shimmer can become more noticeable. All colors have a soft focus effect. Therefore, all finishes including matte have a soft glow that diffuses the look of lines.

Wild Iris: Semi-matte, neutral purple. Dry use gives a matte purple with a light to medium hue. A sheen and unique dimensionality of violet/purple hues becomes more vivid when applied wet. Popular season after season, purples are a universally flattering color for different eye colors and skin tones. Looks great as liner and over Point Arena Plum Crème Shadow. Gold shades are a perfect pairing, try Gualala Gold, California Blonde and Golden Gateway.

Glass Beach Green: Matte, sea foam green. Great as a soft everyday color especially used dry. If you have brown eyes, this color with make your eyes really pop. Hazel eyes will look more green. Wet use gives much more sheen, a brighter hue and makes an outstanding eye liner. Liner looks we love: 1. Layered wet for a bright color on top lash line only with lots of mascara 2. On bottom lash line (or just inner rims) with a neutral look (Fawn Brown, Boonville Brown) on top lids.

Trillium: Semi-sheer, shimmery cool white. Gorgeous silky highlighter as subtle or dramatic as you like for the browbones, cheekbones, cupids bow and the inner corners of eyes. Evens, softens and aids blending of finished looks (dry). Used wet, a silver-like color with more sparkle emerges that is perfect for an icy look on lids. By lining your bottom rims, your eyes look brighter and you look more awake. Use it on top of any color to create a lighter color and mixes great with California Blonde in any application.

Fawn Brown: Semi-matte, brown with bronze undertone. Although flattering on most, it is a perfect complement to make blue eyes pop. Works great as an everyday neutral and depending on application can show or can be played up to make a multitude of looks. You can see shimmer but used dry it is hardly noticeable. Applied wet, a richer multi-tonal brown with bronze shimmer emerges. It makes a lovely eye liner. Applied dry it looks especially nice used lightly on bottom lashes for a subtle defined look. Try over any of our Crème eye shadows for more beautiful and unexpected looks.

California Blonde: Semi-sheer, yellow-gold with shimmer. Beautiful light reflecting highlighter and shadow is a very popular shade and has many uses. Hazel eyes look especially beautiful as it brings out the golden-yellow tint in their eyes. It works great as a light everyday color and a base color that neutralizes purple/blue veins. Accent brow bones, and in the corner of the eyes for a golden lift. Gives a stunning golden blonde sheen used wet that illuminates the lids. Beautiful paired and mixed with colors from Fawn Brown, Gualala gold to Boont Ale Bronze Crème Shadow.

Top of the World: Slate gray with sparkle and silver shimmer. It makes for a perfect smoky eye used dry and/or wet. Used dry, the blue tint in slate gray with more subtle sparkle makes a very wearable day color used lightly. Used wet or dry, it makes a beautiful eye liner for day or night. Applied wet gives a smoldering, glimmering lid that can be very dramatic when layered. There’s no doubt that natural mineral colors can easily transform to strong colors and powerful statement making eyes.

Pacific Blue: Richly pigmented opaque royal blue. The shade of the shadow applied, varies greatly with application, lighting, and eye color/skin tone. We have seen ranges from royal blue, to blue with a violet undertone, to peacock blue. Although vibrant, it is not fluorescent and can be wearable for any occasion depending on use and the colors you are wearing. It complements all eye colors and can make them appear brighter and whiter. In addition to the multitude of ways to use it as a shadow, it also makes an amazing eye liner used dry or wet. Looking for Navy blue? Try mixing or layering it with Top of the World.

Forest: Cool, deep taupe (grayish- brown) with subtle sheen. A universal must-have –it looks beautiful anytime and with any colors you wear. Used with a light hand dry it has a medium intensity. The intensity quickly builds with layers or used wet which also increases the brightening sheen. This sizzling neutral has gorgeous depth with undertones that change with light, movement and skin tone: flickers of espresso, deep gray and deep greenish-brown for example. The sheen is illuminated with a unique beige-like hue. Try in the crease, as liner, everyday on the lids, as a smoky-eye and with any of our eyeshadow colors.