lip gloss

All-natural, luxurious lip gloss in 12 luscious sheer colors


We call them Lip Gloss but really they’re more like the perfect combination of a natural mineral gloss, healing treatment, and colored balm. Organic cocoa butter and carefully selected precious oils including peppermint create this soft and nourishing organic base with an intoxicating aroma of “chocolate-mint”. Infused with natural antioxidants, vitamins, and botanicals your lips will achieve the superior hydration and smoothness you never thought possible by something so luscious and pretty. NET WT .33FLOZ/10mL

  • Antioxidant infused base of organic precious oils and cocoa butter indulges your lips with nutritious luxury and long-lasting hydration.
  • Vitamins C, E, and organic rosemary fight free radicals, calm, and soothe, while organic castor and innovative eco-friendly botanicals provide protection.
  • Mineral pigments give luscious sheer colors and finishes ranging from classic to “of-the-moment” – without any stickiness, build-up, or settling into lip lines.
  • Organic meadowfoam’s remarkable absorption fills your lips with moisture for your fullest pout – long after it’s gone you’ll still be admiring your “billowy soft lips”.
  • Refreshing natural “chocolate-mint” aroma from edible organic cocoa butter and peppermint oil is SO delicious!
  • Unlike common petroleum-based lip glosses that cause premature aging and dry out your lips, this gloss fights oxidative stress while moisturizing and nourishing in dazzling glossy colors.
To use: Try any of the below or combine applications to find what is best for you.

  1. Apply, and if desired, add another coat to intensify.
  2. Apply one/or a mix of our Blush as a base, over or mixed with a gloss.
  3. Layer gloss colors for endless results. A lip brush or disposable applicator will prevent any wand color transfer.
  4. Layer over your favorite healthy LipStick. We’re working on our LipStick so check back in!

Tip for Instant Lip Plumping: Apply Trillium or California Blonde Eye Shadow over any gloss concentrating in the center of the bottom lip and finishing with a touch on the cupid’s bow.

Redwood: Medium chestnut, with subtle light shimmer: Applied, the base of the hue is warm in tone and the shimmer accentuates the lips with a subtle metallic golden hue. Big River Bronze Blush is a great match for added staying power as a lip base. Warm skin tones are especially flattered by this shade. Other shades like California Blonde, Glass Beach Green, and Fawn Brown Eye Shadows look fantastic on the eyes when wearing Redwood.

Noyo Sunset: Peach hue, with frosty, silvery-white shimmer: This medium-light peach base gets toned down with cool frosty-like sparkle giving it a slightly creamy-looking finish. The combination of warm base with the cool shimmer gives a more neutral tone to the peachy gloss. It’s a gloss that seems to be made to go with greens and blues on the eyes (Recently Emma Stone rocked this look). We especially love it with Glass Beach Green, Top of the World, and Pacific Blue Eye Shadows and mixes of any of those. It’s also versatile for fall/winter as well – we love seeing it with winged, inner rimmed or all around heavy Eye Liner and rosy cheeks.

Little River Rose: Semi-sheer, iridescent cool pink: A customer favorite. This very pretty semi-sheer cool pink has a special complexity with its unique iridescence. Pink is not just for the young anymore with this shade. If you purchased our previous formula, this color is very similar but slightly more concentrated. Therefore it applies a bit brighter than before and we think you will be very happy with the change. Looks we love: rosy cheeks like with Caspar Coral, Petunia, Westport Glow, etc, for a very wearable Marie Antoinette vibe – a favorite look. Caspar Coral also looks great as a base to this shade. This is a color that you will find goes with just about anything including a strong black smoky eye (Black Bear Liner) as a fun contrast to pink.

Abalone Shimmer: Nearly sheer, with shimmering silver/slightly white sheen: Our version of a clear gloss with a kick and great to wear anytime, anywhere. It looks white but applies sheer with a shimmering, silver/slightly white sheen. Since the natural color of a person’s lips shows through, it becomes unique to each who wears it and also warms up the coolness of the tone. The cool tone is extremely flattering on those with cool skin tones and works well on all skin colors. It’s a fabulous gloss to wear alone anytime. It also works great as a finish to all kinds of lip products to add more shimmer, sheen and a bit of icy-ness.

Sheer Huckleberry: Cool deep purple/raisin hue with subtle flecks of shimmer: It doesn’t apply sheer as the name says but rather with a dark color similar to a raisin. The flecks of light-colored shimmer and not-too-opaque color accentuate the lips with a good vampy “of-the-moment” look. It’s a good way to try out vampy deep color in a gloss versus a full matte lipstick. If looking at the comparison between our two darkest colors, this is a cooler color than Wild Fuchsia and lacks any crimson. Depending on your skin tone, clothes, hair, and such, you may just prefer one more than the other – or like us, love both equally, and even play with your own mixes of them. A favorite from customers to note: Little River Rose over Sheer Huckleberry.

Ridgewood Ranch Red: Close to a true red hue, rich and dimensional: In the tube it looks more of a brick red than when applied but we feel it does fall into this category. It has a warm undertone and does not have a blue base if this is what you are looking for. (This is a difficult color when you only use mineral colorants and no carmine. In addition, sell in the US as some minerals could help but are not able to be used on the lip area- we’re working on it!). The color is concentrated that your underlying lip color will not be too apparent and even more so if you use a lipstick, lip pencil to fill in your lips, or one or a mix of our blushes (great to apply first with water to give a good base) and then apply the gloss. A really fun mix: Layer Salmon Berry over Rigdewood Ranch Red.

Mom’s Brown Sugar Cookies: Nearly sheer, shimmering, light-golden champagne hue: great everyday “nearly sheer” shimmering creamy hue. The color falls “in-between” two of our other shades–Abalone Shimmer and Lilies Nude Beach. It has more shimmer and more color/opaqueness than Abalone Shimmer which has a more white sheen versus this more cream-ish color. It is a warmer color than the very cool Abalone Shimmer. Moms BSCs also has more shimmer than Lilies Nude Beach; Lilies is more beige in color/not as sheer as Mom’s BSCs. Mom’s BSC warms up some of the shades that are very cool like: Little River Rose and Sheer Huckleberry, brings more shimmer, dimension with a lighter glow to Redwood, Wild Fuchsia, Salmon Berry, and Ridgewood Ranch Red.

Lilies Nude Beach: Neutral semi-sheer beige, with icy, iridescent sheen: Our “Nude” gloss – the beige is complex and beautiful. There is more added dimension from the icy-light, iridescent sheen with subtle shimmer and great glistening applied. The semi-sheer quality lets a peak of your own lip color show through bringing some of your own special pink, peach, rose (or whatever wonderful color your lips are) to make it your own. Some fun ideas: A great match is with Gualala Gold Blush – think Jennifer Lopez looks. Or, try a pinky-beige lip by layering it with Little River Rose Lip Gloss.

Salmon Berry: Lightly opaque coral base, with strawberry and golden shimmer: Our version of a very wearable coral gloss. The coral base is subdued with white mineral pigments to make it less glossy and softer; the strong undertone of color comes from the strawberry and golden shimmer pigments which give a complex yet harmonizing color palette. It has more of a pink rather than orange undertone and the gold shimmer highlights subtly. Still a warm tone, it’s quite flattering to many.

Navarro Nude: Neutral, beige/dusty rose with iridescent shimmer: This super flattering neutral/nude gloss with just a bit of “bling” is a gloss you’ll always want to have in your to go bag. It compliments many skin tones, eye colors, and goes with many different looks. The dusty rose part of the color has a slight mauve undertone and blends beautifully with the beige for a base color that is lightly opaque rather than semi-sheer. The shimmer of the gloss is a unique mix of icy and metallic iridescence. Applying this shade slightly above and around your natural lip line really accentuates the look of full, luscious lips. It’s wonderful alone but don’t forget to play and make some of your own shades. Here are some fab pairs: Wild Fuchsia, Redwood, and Ridgewood Ranch Red (wildcard pairing we loved- both layered over or under).

Wild Fuchsia: Deep Berry/Wine, rich and dimensional: The trendy runway color we’ve loved for months and isn’t stopping. A mix of crimson, deep brown and black minerals creates this very chic gloss with a pretty vamp-vibe that is surprisingly flattering on many skin tones and colors. This is best applied in small layers as it’s very concentrated or can even be applied with your finger starting in the center of your mouth working out to the corners to create more of a stained effect. Being a natural formula despite fabulous efforts in new eco-friendly film-formation and natural wear resistance technology we have used, our gloss does not stay on for 6+ hrs of wear and such claimed by the many common petrochemical-based, synthetic-colored (ex. Red 7 lake) lip glosses on the market (sadly even glosses by other “mineral”, “healthy”, and “natural” companies). To keep the color on for longer periods of time and to create a more full colored lip, create a base using another healthy lipstick or lip liner, then apply the gloss.

Runaway Rose: Dusty rose with a slight amount of a complex-pink icy sheen: This is our take on one of the most wearable shades in the pink family. We didn’t move too far from the classic color that compliments all ages and most skin tones. We did give it more dimensionality and character with a touch of a unique pink and icy shimmer. Another pink we love is the result of layering this with Little River Rose. Something we can’t show you in the picture or tell you on the page is how happy this color looks and feels when you wear it!