Dr. Berrettini’s Mendocino Minerals is a natural cosmetics company that is family owned, and entirely created, formulated, and manufactured in the beautiful county of Mendocino, California. The unique story of Mendocino Minerals actually began 20+ years before its birth date of 2009.

Dr. Mia BerrettiniDr. Mia Berrettini’s grandmother was the first person to introduce her to cosmetics. Some of her favorite moments as a child were being with her grandmother when her beauty consultant would visit. Afterwards, her grandmother would give her the samples to play with. She loved putting the makeup on but also wanted to know what it was made of. By the age of ten, Mia was studying the ingredients of all types of beauty products and planned to make her own makeup. Throughout her life, this childhood dream never wavered.

Being raised in an environmentally conscious community in Mendocino County, Mia was educated from a young age about renewable resources, protecting the environment, organic food and natural products. It concerned her that the conventional makeup she was using was not natural and conflicted with her values.

Dr. Berrettini’s family always stressed the importance of education. They explained to Mia that she would need to go to college and become a chemist to create her own cosmetics. From her first chemistry class in high school, she says she knew it was what she was born to do. After graduating college with her bachelor’s of science degree in chemistry, she went directly into graduate school. She received her PhD in chemistry, specializing in surface and particle science, essential for creating and formulating advanced cosmetics. With multiple patents, publications and work experience in a world-wide corporation, she felt prepared to start her long awaited natural cosmetic company.

After returning to Mendocino County, Dr. Berrettini and her family launched Mendocino Minerals. Through hard work, determination and passion, Mia’s dream had become a reality. With commitment to honesty, quality, and innovation, the company and line of mineral makeup has grown remarkably. Welcome to this unique natural line of cosmetics that unites luxury, science, health, transparency and quality.

My Grandparents, Don & Julie Celeri”My Grandmother and Grandfather (1949) are two of the most inspirational people behind Mendocino Minerals. My grandfather, Don Celeri, was a strong advocate for education and hard work which helped drive me to becoming a Doctor. My grandmother, Julia Celeri, has always had amazing style and grace and was the first person to introduce me to cosmetics. The beginning of Mendocino Minerals truly began 20+ years ago.

I will never forget my grandfather saying, “Education is the one thing that cannot be taken away.” His encouragement and support helped drive me to where I am today. I will always try to live by his example.” – Dr. Mia Berrettini

In loving memory of my grandfather, Don Celeri (1924 – 2009)